Audio International Ltd. (AIL) has traded since 2003 selling hand held audio products. Our main focus is on the development of electronic devices that support audio transmission for the benefit of the user, i.e.. audio to support visually impaired people or those with language needs. We act as a worldwide sales agent for a range of hand held audio projects but in 2006 we won an RTD framework 6 EU grant to develop our own product – The Talking Pill Wallet. AIL was coordinator of the consortium which included : PERA Innovation UK, RNIB, AKI Plastics UK, Novartis Pharma Switzerland, CRIC Electronic design Spain, MTC foil printers Poland, Pharmacist Assoc. Of Poland and an Austrian company that put drugs in blister packs under license from Novartis. This project is complete and AIL holds 2 patents applications solely on this product. (Ref in Europe – European Patent application No. 09703074.6 and in the US – United States Application Serial Number 12/812,769 – both are titled – “Dispensing Apparatus with Monitoring System for Blister Packs”.

This research that continued until early 2011 cost in the region of €1.5 million. The product of this R&D was a proof of concept model that proves the science works. We have had work done/discussions with De Montford University in Leicester plus QUB. AIL have paid the cost of the IP and hold patents in Europe and USA.

AIL have the following personnel assets in the company :

1 Accountant; 1 retired GP; 1 graduate IT teacher who is completing his masters; 1 retired midwife/nurse; 1 Marketing Director and 2 sales directors in the UK.

Our potential product has a very good fit in both the research fields of pill monitoring and smart packaging. It will have many uses. All Pharma companies are searching for a medical device that monitors pill usage. We have this device in the raw. It will be a class 2 medical device that will give much needed information to the pharmacist and doctor.


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