Storyteller audio player

A solar-powered digital audio player for up to 10 hours of audio content. Load your own audio content using your PC. Ideal for evangelism & Bible storying.
Listening to the message on a Story Teller is as simple as pushing a single button. Whether content is Bible stories, evangelistic messages, or educational material on AIDS prevention, a Story Teller impacts hearts and lives.


The low cost, lightweight, solar-powered Story Teller audio is simple for anyone to use - including non-readers and children. The single button navigation makes Story Teller ideal for evangelism and Bible storying. Easily load up to 10 hours of tamper proof audio including: Bible stories, music, discipleship training, educational, humanitarian content and more.

Loading content has never been easier. Simply use your PC to organize your audio, then drag-and-drop your MP3, WMA, or WAV audio files to the Story Teller using ST software and MegaVoice USB cable.

Search the MegaVoice Audio Library here to preview thousands of pre-loaded languages and Scripture-based titles available for the Story Teller.

The technology used in this solar-powered digital audio player safeguards the integrity of your message by making it tamper proof. Tamper proof means no erasure or modification of your message by end users.

· low cost, lightweight digital audio player

· MP3/WMA/WAV audio file compatible

· built-in solar panel charges battery

· message: up to 10 hours

· easily load your own audio content, or choose pre-loaded content from the
Megavoice Audio Library

· operates in harsh environments

· ear-bud jack for private listening

· speaker for small group listening

· easy for non-readers, elderly and
children to use

· on/off/play/pause/sleep modes

· forward and back navigation

· rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery

· typical battery playtime: 5 - 12 hours

· typical battery life at room temp: 2-3 years

· typical battery charge retention at room temp: power-off mode 10 -12 months,
sleep mode 6 weeks

· battery charging times: external power supply via standard
mini-USB power input jack: 4 hours,
using built-in solar panel: 10 hours

· tamper proof content

· bookmarking capability

· 5 volume settings

· 2.5 ounces, 70 grams

· 4 x 2.25 x .6 inches

· 10 x 6 x 1.5 centimeters

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